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Am I doing this too early??????????????

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Mollymom Tue 20-Oct-09 22:55:52

DD was 2 end of September, we've been going to 'play and stay' since she was 3 months old so she is fairly socialble and not shy but went today for our induction at a pre school and this has made ME nervous!!! She will be doing one morning session per week from after half term then 2 mornings from after Xmas hols.

Please tell me I'm not pushing her/doing it too soon!!!!

Twinsmommy Wed 21-Oct-09 13:26:24

Hello Mollymom.

Is there a special reason why your DD needs to be going to pre-school at such a tender age?

It is definitely not unheard of for children as young as your DD to be in pre-school - it's a mother's choice to decide what she thinks is best for her child.

IME - my twin boys didn't start until this September term - aged 3.3yrs - I just wanted to keep them out of the whole regimented school system as long as I could. But now, they attend pre-school 3 days a week. On the other days they have many social activities going on so I don't feel they are missing out on any character-building/interaction/learning in any way.

I think, whatever you choose for your DD, you have to be confident that it is what is best for her. If you are incredibly apprehensive about it, she may begin to pick up on this and be scared herself.

Then just test the waters. You will surely know how well she is coping with pre-school/separation within a very short space of time. And what is the worst that can happen? That she absolutely hates it and can't bear to be left alone there? In which case, recognise the signs early on and try again at a later date.

I think you will find most pre-schools are very understanding in such circumstances. Don't worry so much!

Mollymom Wed 21-Oct-09 22:34:42

Thanks for the reply. Think will just test the water as you say-see how she goes.

Thought about playschool cos she talks very well and most of the other children at play n stay/toddlers are mainly under 2 so she doesn't really have anyone to chatter to.

Cadelaide Wed 21-Oct-09 22:38:17

But she can chatter to you Molly?

Go with your instinct and ignore what others do. You know best whether or not it's too soon. smile

Runoutofideas Thu 22-Oct-09 16:43:40

My dd2 is one month older than yours, but being an August birthday she'll be a full school year ahead. She has started preschool this term and is taking ages to settle and let me leave her. I think really she is too young to be there, however I wanted her to have the full two years of preschool experience that her sister had, although she was proportionately 6 months older. She's only doing 2 mornings a week and we're taking the settling process very slowly. Hopefully it'll all work out fort he best in the end. No advice to offer as such, just that I'm in a similar position to you. I think though if my dd was in the following school year I would just keep her at home a bit longer.....

Lizzylou Thu 22-Oct-09 16:48:39

DS1 was 2.5yrs (DS2 is there now at 3.5yrs)when he started at preschool 4 mornings a week, he loved it. Never had any seperation anxiety. BUT it is a very "go with the flow" setting, they basically just play and although it is well organised and the staff are lovely, it isn't one of these regimented places.
There is anoter preschool nearby where they do a lot of numbers/letters work and it is a large place, I wanted somewhere smaller and more intimate for my DS's.
There is a little boy who has just started there who is 2 and he has just started at preschool.
See how she goes, she may well love it.

iwantitnow Fri 23-Oct-09 09:13:53

My DD was 2 years 2 months when she started preschool 3 mornings a week. I was having a dreadful pregnancy and was in and out of hospital - I was being monitored at the hospital most mornings when she was a preschool for the first term.

DD did not cry once, we had a gradual settling in period. She was very verbal but had not really be left at all unless with family so I was very nervous. She is quite quiet but very self contained. Her key keyworker says that its as if she has always been there.

I do think I was lucky and caught her at the right moment which is different for each child. If I had started this term as I had planned originally I think she would have found it much more difficult at nearly 3.

Try it out and see how it goes. In DD's preschool the girls tend to settle earlier and better than the boys. I won't be sending DS until he is 2.5.

If it doesn't work out you can always pull her out.

Mollymom Fri 23-Oct-09 23:02:25

Thanks for the replies! Have decided to delay her starting til January-she'll be 27 months then-will give me a chance to get used to the idea!!!

She does chatter to me (incessently) but she also tries to chatter to the other children at the play n' stay but they are all roughly 18 months.

Its not a regimented place -they have a 'registration' at the beginning of the session and talk about the weather but other than that its fairly free and easy-they are quite easy going-no learning numbers/letter unless they ask so am happy with that aspect. Am only going to do 1 morning a week to start with so will see how it goes.

Again thanks for the replies-each child/situation is soo different isn't it?

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