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Please help - need fancy dress costume that is pre-school-proof!

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FimbleHobbs Thu 08-Oct-09 10:02:52

DD (3) has a pre school fancy dress day soon - theme is Diwali/Bonfire Night/Halloween and I need to think up a costume that she can wear all day, so easy for her to go to the loo and play in (ie not a pumpkin!)

Does anyone have any ideas please? I am not overly keen on celebrating Halloween if I can avoid it. I would quite like to dress her up as a rocket but can't see how to do that practically...

Happy to spend £5-10 on bits for it but don't want to go mad.

SettlingBackIn Thu 08-Oct-09 22:06:06

Stripy 'witch's' tights, black skirt & top/dress, witch's hat (from supermarket), cloak/broom.

purepurple Sat 10-Oct-09 12:28:26

A rocket costume
black leggings
black long sleeved top (if you can get one with sparkly bits on the front, that would be better)
or red leggings and a red top, or any other colour

then make a hat from a circle of black paper ( a bit like a pointy witch's hat but without the brim)

decorate the hat with glitter, or glitter glue and then attach multi-coloured streamers to the point, so they cascade down (metallic strips of paper would look good)
some stick on face glitter would look good too

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