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Preschool donation request letter

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Sikorsky27 Wed 07-Oct-09 11:32:52

Hi all

I am on our local pre-school committee and have been asked to draft a letter asking local businesses for any donation (money or equipment from a list) for the pre-school. I have googled donation request letters / templates but I can't find anything very helpful.

Has anyone ever had to do this before and have you got a corking letter I could borrow and adapt???

Thank you

norksinmywaistband Wed 07-Oct-09 11:37:53

We never ask for donations directly, only in support of fundraising activites.
But I am sure you could adapt it. I have found much better responses come from hand delivering the letter BTW.

^We will soon be holding our big fund raising activity of the year, . As ever we will be raising funds for the pre-school to buy toys, games, books and equipment for our children. The staff and parents of the pre-school work very hard towards all our fund raising events but we have to rely on donations for raffle prizes.

If you could possibly help with the donation of a raffle prize, we would very much appreciate it. We do of course publicise the companies that support us, as our way of a thank you.

All monies raised are spent on the children. A pre-paid envelope is enclosed should you wish to donate. We thank you for your help and co-operation.^

Nothing special, but it works for us

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