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What are your favourite toddler group activities?

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littlemisslozza Tue 29-Sep-09 17:30:53

Very grateful for ideas please

girlsyearapart Wed 30-Sep-09 09:01:10

are you running a group then?

Mine love sticking, play dough, hand prints and can't wait for the singing time.

littlemisslozza Wed 30-Sep-09 12:58:57

Yes, along with others, just started and it's going well. Wondering which activities go down well. We finish with singing each week already which they enjoy.

JackBauer Wed 30-Sep-09 13:32:33

Ours alternates between playdough, sticking collage type pictures or drawing at the start.

After they stop for a snack and a drink we clear all teh toys and dump a load of footballs on the floor which is quite good fun.

When I ran one I did coloured pasta pictures which was fun. I hated painting as it made sucha mess.

(cook some spaghetti with food colouring and take it in in plastic bags so it is cold and wet, it then sticks to sugar paper, veyr funny.)

paisleyleaf Wed 30-Sep-09 13:33:35

messy stuff to save me doing it at home so much.

bigchris Wed 30-Sep-09 13:34:21

listening to stories and singing nursery ryhmes

thedolly Wed 30-Sep-09 13:36:30

You could try doing some yoga with them - use Waybaloo for inspiration smile

girlsyearapart Wed 30-Sep-09 18:49:20

ours sounds same ish table out with an activity eg sticking, play dough, painting then all other toys out as well.

Activity cleared away then they have drink and snack - fruit and breadsticks. Ikea do cheap cups and plates.

All help to tidy then it's singing with instruments.

littlemisslozza Wed 30-Sep-09 19:31:38

Thanks everyone, those are the kinds of things we've planned so that's great, plus you've given me a few more ideas. We've got the ikea cups etc, bargain!

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