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Chaos with lunchtime pick-up causing distress for LO's

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lechatnoir Sat 26-Sep-09 23:20:26

My 3.5 yr old DS does 2 full day (9:15-3:15) sessions & 1 lunchtime session (12:15-3:15) at his local pre-school - these were only sessions left so no choice! No problem when I drop off or collect his full day sessions, but, when we arrive for the lunchtime session it just seems to be a bit chaotic and I always feel sorry for the LO's who aren't being collected at lunchtime (ie doing a full day like my DS does 2 days a week) and feel awful to think of him sitting there crying because his friends are going but his mummy hasn't arrived sad.

Logistics are: all children in the same room sit together and mums at door give name, call child & they come out & once all the morning kiddies have gone the afternooners arrive then they have lunch. is this normal?

Obvious answer is

BlueBumedFly Sun 27-Sep-09 20:09:20

That sounds a bit mean to me but it maybe the only logistical way they can do it.

Has your DS mentioned that he is upset when his name is not called? Have you asked him what he does on his full days during this time. Has he said he gets upset? Has the teacher said he gets upset? Theoretically his name is never called at lunchtime though, so maybe he never expects it?

Could it be he just accepts that a morning drop off means he stays all day? Kids are so much more adaptable than we think. Half the time we are off worrying and they are happily playing with their friends.

Have you put your name down for the third full day ASAP? Could this come up at Xmas perhaps so not much longer to worry?

DO you tell him on full days 'Lunch at school today, Mummy will be back later'. Is there a way or a sign that he knows to tell the difference between one day or the other? Maybe by TV shows that he is allowed to watch? Full days means Mummy comes back then we go home together for tea and watch 'blah'. Do you always do the same thing in the morning of his half day?

Maybe he is fine and you are upsetting yourself. I would check with the teacher.

oneofakind Tue 29-Sep-09 21:52:28

my ds used to find the lunchtime pick up very upsetting when he was doing a full day at his old nursery. all of the children were in one room and mums/dads/carers would come in and children called off of the 'mat' - distressing for the ones left behind I think. In his new nursery, they take the day children off to lunch first from one door and then let parents in afterwards - not quite so distressing for the little ones. so, no advcie but lots of sympathy.

Runoutofideas Wed 30-Sep-09 15:30:34

In the preschool I have been helping out in, all the children are in the same room but after circle time at the end of the morning session the staff call out the names of the ones staying for lunch and they are led off to a table on one side of the room. Temporary partitions are then put in place to separate them off a bit before the parents are let in for the others. Anyone arriving at lunchtime is led straight to the loos to wash their hands then joins the lunch group. It seems to work as nobody tends to get upset. The lunch children are to busy with their food to take much notice of the parents milling about.

lisad123wantsherquoteinDM Thu 01-Oct-09 11:47:33

in our nursey we have some all day children. The children going for lunch go and start lunches and any afternoon children that are having lunch meet over in the lunch room. Morning children are collected.


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