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AGM tonight.....secretary role going for a song!

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Ripeberry Mon 21-Sep-09 16:21:28

Hi, its our AGM tonight and we are hoping that some new mums will come along and join us.
Most of the old committee are staying also the Chairman and Treasurer. I've already handed in my notice in writting back in July to say that once the AGM minutes are typed up I'm outta there!
Anyone want to bet on me getting a replacement? I've told them they can 'share' the job, take turns have a deputy secretary.
Not heard from the Chairman all summer so hopefully he'll turn up tonight hmm

FimboFortuna Mon 21-Sep-09 16:24:16

I know how you feel. I was cajouled into being the secretary of ours, managed to find a replacement, ta ta. Then ds came along 5 years later and I was back again this time as Staffing Officer.

Hopefully they will find someone. <keeps fingers and toes crossed>

littlerach Mon 21-Sep-09 16:24:24

Oh think of the relief you'll feel after tonight grin

I was in similar position this time last year, but as resigning chair.

The minute I left th room I felt a huge weight had been lifted.

My friend and i broke open the champagne smile

Good luck!!

bumpybecky Mon 21-Sep-09 16:29:09

good luck Ripeberry

check the constitution though, I'm sure I've posted this to you before, but I think it doesn't matter about actually appointing a named person to the position, as long as you have enough people on the committee it's up to them to sort it out after the AGM.

I know that's not the way it normally happens, but it's worth bearing in mind.

Hopefully in a few hours time it'll all be over

Ripeberry Mon 21-Sep-09 16:52:15

I'll keep you all informed. Would love to have a drink tonight but I've got to get up at 5.30am as I'm childminding from 6.30am until 5.30pm tomorrow (mum has to go into work extra early but is paying my 'unsociable hours rate' grin

FimboFortuna Mon 21-Sep-09 22:39:43

<<reckons Ripeberry is either in the pub cheering or drowning her sorrows>

Ripeberry Tue 22-Sep-09 13:51:55

Hi, everyone, well I've managed to rope someone in but they say they are only a 'deputy' to help out until they find some poor -sod- new parent who will take it on.
We had a short AGM and the Chairman wrote some lovely things about me, went bright red!
But he basically told everyone that they are all going to take turns doing the minutes if they can't find anyone.
So.....YAHOO! I'm outta there. I will be typing up the AGM minutes and the meeting minutes (did two at the same time).
The 'deputy' was supposed to do it but she panicked hmm
Kept looking at my notes to see how I did it but I do shorthand so she did not understand it anyway...never took any notice of them before.
Told her she can do it her way, use a dictophone if she has to.
Next meeting is in November so I'll be ditching the file in her capable hands before then grin

Ripeberry Tue 22-Sep-09 13:52:57

I did have a glass of wine last night but was up at 5.30am anyway. Little one asleep so came on here quick to update you all smile

littlerach Tue 22-Sep-09 15:04:23

well doen Ripeberry smile

bumpybecky Tue 22-Sep-09 21:58:19

yippeeeeee! grin

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