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I stayed with dd at preschool today, finally got an answer to the what did you do today question!

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littleducks Fri 18-Sep-09 14:53:31

I really like dd's preschool and i know they are good but tbh i dont know what she does tehre most of the time

I stayed today and it was a real eye opener
They all sit on the carpet for register, a quick headcount by all staff memebers which the children then count along to the beads on an abacus, discuss the weather (the trees are moving so its windy etc)

then its identify colour, shape and number of the week

I finally got an idea about the phonics and how the teach them, wouyld you believe a load of 3 yr old putting their fingers on their noses to feel it vibrate to say 'n' for Nobbys net, then drawing the shape out with their fingers

Then its free play, which seemed a bit hectic but fun, i was doing sticking and children would drift over fill the table, finish then more would come

Then its washing hands and fruit time, then outside to play


kateGB Fri 18-Sep-09 21:29:23

Sounds like a great day ! Luck you!

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