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New preschooler - wetting himself - at home - what do I do?

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tryingherbest Wed 16-Sep-09 17:02:17


So ds started preschool on Monday - all OK - he loves it but have noticed he won't use their loos. Not too bad give he's only there 2.5 hours per day and we live about 100 meteres away and he goes before pre-school. Would like him to use their loos but hey ho early days and only 2.5 hours per day and he's had dry nights since he was 1 year old so he's got a good old bladder.

So why won't he use their loo and then not use our loo afterwards and wets himself? Erm why - he's never had an accident yet LOVES THE NEW STATE NURSERY?

What do I do?

Twinsmommy Thu 17-Sep-09 13:22:02

My twin boys have just started pre-school and absolutely love it.

Just by chance, I found out from DT1 the other day that he didn't want to wear his jeans to pre-school because he couldn't pull them down to go to the toilet!!! They wear their jeans with belts, done up nice and tight to stop them falling round their ankles.

I told him he should just ask one of the ladies to help him with his belt, but I think, because everything is still so new there, he is reluctant to do this because he doesn't know them well enough yet.

I now only send them to nursery in jogging bottoms that they can easily pull down on their own.

No accidents yet!

Worth a try!

tryingherbest Thu 17-Sep-09 15:51:03

Yep, think you're right - went out and bought him a couple of pairs - I got him to go at the nursery as we were leaving. He pulled down trousers and sat on loo - but didn't go - a start though eh?

Twinsmommy Thu 17-Sep-09 16:03:41

An absolutely FABULOUS start - way to go!!!!!

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