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Oh dear -DD is getting wobbly about pre-school - how can I reassure her?

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redskyatnight Tue 15-Sep-09 10:54:58

DD currently attends a day nursery. however from next week she will be moving to the local school nursery (for just short of school hours).

DS currently goes to the local school so we go past the nursery every day, DD regularly plays with the outdoor play equipment and has up to now been very excited about the idea of going to "DS's" nursery.

However this week she is getting very wobbly and saying that she doesn’t want to go there. We’ve had some chats about how new things are scary but she knows how nice the nursery is and she will be able to play with her best friend (who is also going there) and a couple of other children she knows.

She’s had a home visit and got on really well with the staff that came; she’s obviously used to being away from me. We have another visit on Thursday (with me staying) before she starts next week.
Any idea what else I can do to reconcile her to the idea?

I’m feeling a bit wobbly myself as I feel bad about her having to leave her friends in her old nursery but we figured it would be easier doing it now than in Reception, plus around 80% of her Reception year will come from the school nursery so the friends she makes over the next year will most likely go onto school with her ...

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