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Translation needed (bit tongue in cheek)

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Babieseverywhere Tue 08-Sep-09 14:49:45

My precious first born who has been home with me for the last three years (baring grandparents)has gone to her first day of nursery. grinsad

DD happily wandered into the nursery and I showed her coat and her drawer. I tried to pick her up to talk to her (due to the overwhelming noise from the many children and adults in the room) and she wriggled down telling me 'Mummy I want to play"

LOL, so much for me worrying about her settling in. I left her sticking paper circles and when I said goodbye she waved without looking up from the sheet in front of her.

The question being when I rang the school at lunchtime to check how things were going and the reception lady returned from checking and told me.

"ALL the teachers said how confident your daughter is and how she is into everything."

WHAT does that mean ? Can I take this at face value or is it a code for. She hugged Jeffery within an inch of his life, buried Sandra in the sandpit and carefully painted the classroon door.

It was just the way she said it made me wonder ?


MrsBadger Tue 08-Sep-09 15:27:25

it meant she ran about like a mad thing, flitting from cars to sandpit to home corner to books wanting to do absolutely everything ie was totally normal

and the staff thought 'oh thank god, she may be a rowdy pain in the arse, but she'll settle down and at least she isnt; one of the ones that sits in the corner cluthcing their blanket and crying for mummy and has to be cuddled all day'

2yo DD's room supervisor said 'oh she's such a good girl, isn't she?' and I seriously wondered if she was thinking of th eright child

but then I met the big 3yo boys who run round shrieking and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake and I thought that actually compared to them dd is quite sweet and biddable...

Babieseverywhere Tue 08-Sep-09 18:38:19

LOL, Mrs Badger

When I got there she was really filthy with paint and glue and stuff everywhere, mucky face with an underside down pink crown on her head and a big smile and hug for me, when she saw me.

She mentioned a boy hitting her and she hit him back blush...don't think I will mention that to the teachers.

But they want are willing to have her back again !!!

purepurple Wed 09-Sep-09 07:38:24

'confident' means she was asked to do something and she said no (she probably talked all the way through story time grin)
'into everything' means at tidy up time she was getting toys out, instead of putting them away
She sounds like she had a great time.
I always enjoy looking after the children with a bit of character.

Babieseverywhere Wed 09-Sep-09 11:18:38

Yes, character that is what she has...loads of character wink

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