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SE London/Dulwich preschools - am I missing anything?

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jesska Tue 08-Sep-09 12:24:08

I've posted before asking advice about pre-school options in the area of Dulwich village, where we have just closed on a house today (yay!). We live abroad now and will return next summer, so I am trying to organize what will be kindergarten for ds1, who will be 3.5yo when school starts in 2010.

Putting aside for the moment whether or not I will be able to even apply for state schools (we own the house but don't live there), as per the below have I hit all the "desirable" private options in the area?

So far I missed out on DUCKS (tried to sign up too late)

He's on the list for Herne Hill school.

We've got him down at DCPS pending assessment.

He'll still be too young for Alleyns school.

I did a load of looking into this about 6 months ago and these seemed the best options but I just want to be sure. Two private options seems a little thin, considering we still have to get poor ds to london (a 12hr flight plus journey) for an interview while he is still 2! But nevermind...

any tips greatly appreciated.

KnickersandVests Tue 08-Sep-09 12:39:52

There's Oakfield Prep and Rosemead Prep both on Thurlow Park rd.

I'm afraid I have no personal experience of either, I just know of them because I lived in the area for many years.

Check out the ofsted website and see what's said there.

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