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My DD had her first settling in day at nursery today...

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PavlovtheForgetfulCat Thu 03-Sep-09 17:30:26

..and it was fantastic!

She went from 10 months to about 5 months ago. We stopped due in part to cash flow, and DH not working so being able to look after her and largely due to us not being happy with her at the nursery she was in.

She has got a place in a great nursery, has 'outstanding' ofsted reports, and is just brilliant. She went in for one hour today and we stayed with her, but kept in the background. We needn't have been there at all!

She was happy and confident and polite and friendly and the staff there were lovely and reassuring and so different to the other nursery she was at. Her keyworker was not working today so we were introduced to another one, who was so thorough in explaining everything she put us so at ease, there was nothing left out and she introduced DD to the other children in such a lovely and caring manner.

DD made friends instantly with another cheeky little girl and when they went out for play time before we left they ran off holding hands! DD gave her a kiss goodbye.

She was actually upset to leave! I feel so pleased we changed nurseries and I thought I would post this as often people have such bad experiences at nursery. I know it was only one hour but the impression we got from this hour fitted with our impressions so far, in fact exceeded it.

We were made to feel like DD was important to them, like all the children were important to them. If that makes sense.

tryingherbest Sun 13-Sep-09 21:01:02

I think that's brilliant.
My ds has his first day tomorrow and like you he'd been to a private nursery and I pulled him out two months ago when I stopped working. Again , I wasn't that happy with his private nursery. That informed my decision not to find another job and put him in the preschool.

We've got the afternoon sessions (I want him to drop his naps and he's rubbish in the mornings) and ours is also a brilliant nursery - in my street attached to the school he'll go to.

He's excited and I'm more excited than him.

And I can't wait to have a few hours to myself tbh and it will encourage earlier bedtimes - so good alround.

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