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Moving from day nursery to pre-school - any experience?

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redskyatnight Wed 02-Sep-09 10:12:17

DD currently attends a day nursery from 8am-1pm (morning session).

in a couple of weeks she will be moving to a pre-school environment where most children attend either 5 2.5 hours sesisons every morning or 5 2.5 hour sessions every afternoon. A small number of children (about 1/5) stay for lunch and the "opposite" session (this is paid for by parents, the rest is covered by the early years grant). DD will be staying for the morning session, lunch and the afternoon session.

just wondered if anyone else had experience of their DC making a similar move and how their DC coped/what they found hard.
I'm anticipating that DD will struggle with staying with "longer" after lunch and also that she effectively has to get to know two "lots" of children whereas currently she is basically with the same children all the time.

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