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AGM protocol

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Ripeberry Sun 30-Aug-09 17:14:30

Hi, we are having our AGM later in September and I'm resigning as the Secretary.
I understand that at the begining of the AGM, the Chairman 'sacks everyone' and then they are voted back in and seconded.
Is that right?
I need to produce some nomination forms, but does it have to be for every officer OR just for the position that is vacant?

littlerach Sun 30-Aug-09 18:21:16

We never did this as Chairs.

We used ot put out a letter explaining that it was the AGM and ask people ot consider if they would like ot stand for any of the positions.
If someone was happy to stay on, then we would put that.#
Then at the actual AGM we would put slips pf paper on each chair with the vacancie son.

But no one ever came forward on the night, it took weeks of persuading and cajoling in advance!!

Are you finally stepping down?
I did last year and it was the most joyous occasion!!!

Ripeberry Sun 30-Aug-09 22:23:48

Oh yes, I'm leaving! I've already handed in my notice in writting and said that once the AGM minutes are published then I'm off.
Might even have a little party grin
I've been cajoling for 3 months and even though 4 other members who are not officers are staying on, none of them want my 'job' as they treat the meetings as a night out and don't want to be doing any work hmm

Ripeberry Sun 30-Aug-09 22:28:10

None of them have daytime jobs by the way either. I've done all the hard work this year and to be honest if they can't find someone then they can all take turns being the secretary (doing the minutes).
I've already got the school (primary) trying to get me to join their PTA.
No way! As I can't committ to fetes and fundraising at weekends or evenings (I'm a childminder) and the PTA people are usually having stand up fights in the playground so I want to keep WELL out of that, thank you very much.

littlerach Mon 31-Aug-09 07:48:22

My friend and i were joint chairs for 2 years and we skipped out of last year's AGM, came back here and drank champagne grin

I have refused ot join PTA also!

However, the preschool then emplyed me as an admin manager so do the same kind of work, but in work time and get paid. Much better.

Oh the relief!

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