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Presents for nursery staff

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thegrammerpolicesic Tue 25-Aug-09 16:39:16

Ds has been going to his day nursery part-time for three years or so. He leaves at the end of this week and I want to get something to say thankyou to the staff. There are two who are the main ones in his room plus two others who have looked after her in other rooms over the years a lot. There are lots of others but I can't realistically get a present for all of them, some of whom he doesn't even know.

There is also the deputy manager, the manager and the owners so that's seven people to buy for!

I was thinking of a bottle of wine for the owners and then a nice candle from M&S or something similar for each of the others (probably costing around £5 each). Sound okay/ OTT to get so many a present/ not enough to spend on each of them?

Ixia Tue 25-Aug-09 21:28:58

I've bought a present for the nursery, a few kids books. I may also see if I can make up a small posy of flowers for each member of staff.

Her nursery have been fab as I've had depression and they've been so flexible and caring. LO has been so happy there. I know some people say presents aren't necessary as you are paying through the nose for their services. But I feel they've cared so well for my daughter, not all nurseries are that fab.

Heated Tue 25-Aug-09 21:32:36

I think it's really nice you want to get them something, they get paid a pittance imo.

DD's keyworker leaves when she goes to a new room and I am going to get her something. She's off to uni to get further childcare qualifications so dunno, maybe an Amazon voucher?

thegrammerpolicesic Tue 25-Aug-09 21:41:01

Amazon voucher sounds like a great idea as she can use it towards a textbook.

PCPlumIsMyHomeboy Tue 25-Aug-09 21:46:10

I put together a hamper of nice tea/coffee/hot choc/biscuits/nice mugs/hand wash and cream and chi-chi-ed it up with cellophane and ribbon for DD's nursery leaving present last week.

It looked fab and cost about £30. There are 6 key workers who have looked after her since she has be there, plus the owner, manager and cook, and it really wasn't feasible to buy for them all.

Although at Xmas, I did just buy a crate of wine for them to share out, which went down a treat!

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