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Was wondering what you thought of this idea?

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2anddone Tue 14-Jul-09 19:24:55

Hi I am on the committee of our local pre-school which my ds also attends. We opened in March after the other one closed down. The pre-school is excellent but they seem to have a few staffing issues in that we can only have 17 children at any one time so only have 4 staff members throughout the week and depending on how many children will depend on how many staff come in to caver ratios. Anyway since we opened at least once a week one of us on committee has had to go in to cover training, staff absence or holiday. I know we are allowed to do this as we are all crb checked and there is always someone there with the minimum qualification required. I am also a reg childminder and currently don't have any mindees from Sept. They will be looking for another member of staff eventually as have funding for a special needs child to join us in the future. I was wondering whether it might be a good idea to offer my services (as basically adhoc cover staff and to come in to make up the ratio when the child starts) and come in on a self employed basis therefore billing them for any hours I work. The thing is I would only have to do 10 hours a week at minimum wage to earn more than I do as a cm and obviously I know it would be a risk that some weeks I would earn nothing but am doing that now! Could this be done? Am I silly to even suggest? Would love to hear your views. TIA

lljkk Tue 14-Jul-09 19:28:09

You can be adhoc cover staff, most preschools have a bank of supply workers to call on. BUT, you can't still be on the committee if you ever get paid for helping out.

misshardbroom Tue 14-Jul-09 23:01:13

I agree with lljkk... good idea from yours & preschool's perspective but you can't then stay on the committee.

In a similar position actually with our new site: it's registered for 16 so you only need 2 staff to cover the legal requirements. However, with the amount of statutory training the staff have to do, not to mention if anyone's off sick, I think you really need a 3rd person.

Ripeberry Wed 15-Jul-09 10:26:42

I've been wanting to do this. I'm a registered childminder as well with no mindees (at least until September) and i've been helping out the pre-school loads, almost every single week.
But i can't get paid as i'm currently on the committee!
You could put yourself forward as bank staff once you come off the committee.
It is a right pain isn't it?

2anddone Wed 15-Jul-09 19:45:35

It is a real pain, don't know about you ripeberry but being without mindees certainly makes me want to either stop childminding completely or do a mix of childminding and other childcare work. I have loved having my house to myself and my family again since I became mindee less and ds loves that he can have his special toys downstairs without them getting broken by the little ones

cktwo Thu 16-Jul-09 20:35:28

Our committee wanted to pay our secretary for helping out in emergencies so we rung up the PSLA. They said as long as a committee member is not getting paid for being a committee member we can pay her for the hours covering absences.
Perhaps give them a ring to clarify?

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