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Do any of you committee members have to deal with nightmare parents?

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cktwo Sun 12-Jul-09 12:06:25

In place of our useless Chair, I have had to deal with a parent over non-payment of fees. She is a complete nightmare who tries to bully anyone in authority and recently had right strop in front of her children and dragged them out of the premises saying "they don'y want you here". sad
I hate having to deal with people like this. All I'd told her was to bring her account up to date otherwise she'll have to stick to the funded sessions only. She's so unreasonable and I hate conflict.
Does anyone else have to deal with nightmare parents. Please say yes so it'll make me feel better smile.

Bumperslucious Sun 12-Jul-09 13:14:15

I'm not sure I understand what is going on? Are you a PTA member having to deal with non-payment? Isn't there a manager who's job that is?

CarGirl Sun 12-Jul-09 13:16:44

We started issuing invoices in advance, changed the contracts to include late payment notices. If money is outstanding after 3 weeks they are refused.

It has improved the situation a lot.

We do of course let parents have payment plans but if they don't stick to it that's it.

As a charity we can't afford for people to not pay their share.

misshardbroom Sun 12-Jul-09 14:11:14

Yep, absolutely.

When I was Chair, I had to deal with two parental complaints (culminating in then having to sack the hopeless supervisor), also had to deal with lots of parents bitching in the playground about a separate issue, had to go and see the headteacher of the adjoining primary school to ask her to stop giving our preschool staff a hard time.... the list goes on.

It's really difficult as well because in addition to being the management committee of the setting, you're also one of these parents yourself.

Now I'm a preschool administrator I just blame the committee for any bad news I have to deliver grin.

Lindy Sun 12-Jul-09 14:18:46

Yes, have to deal with lots of similar problems; and, unfortunately, despite my child now being 8 I am still the chair of our preschool as no one will take over ! Its a thankless task but in a way I love it as I am very proud that we still have a village preschool when so many are closing becuase they cannot form commitees.

Sometimes we do 'waive' fees as if we stop a child from coming to preschool it is, sadly, the child that suffers.

There are charities and other organisations that will help with fees if families are struggling.

cktwo Sun 12-Jul-09 14:39:19

We're a charity too and we've been very accomodating with this lady and very sympathetic over the past 12 months, but she's completly taking the p*. If we could afford a manager then they could deal with it, but as a management committee we have to face it.

misshardbroom Sun 12-Jul-09 21:48:34

It's really hard if funds are tight because you're dependent on those fees to keep the preschool afloat. I'm in a really lucky position because we're full to bursting and we've got a fair old stash in the bank, so we can afford to write off some of the bad debts.

(If you're near me I'll do your administration for a very bargain rate wink)

Ripeberry Tue 14-Jul-09 16:17:59

Have you not heard of Ripeberry's pre-school? grin. We've had everything this year including parents who don't pay up. A couple of children left during the year, mainly because their parents would not pay or always quibbled about everything and we have basically put our foot down.
Even the parent who would take her child out of the session early just to avoid paying was told it was unaceptable and thanks to our Chairman she has toed the line but mainly because her child starts reception in September.
Thankfully, our committee is still strong but i'm running for the hills (been doing it for 4yrs now), time for someone else to take on the secretary role.
Most say that they won't do it for really silly excuses, such as "Oh, I can't type, I don't have a PC/Laptop or the best one is "I can't read my own handwritting".
They'll have to sort it amongst themselves grin

bumpybecky Tue 14-Jul-09 16:48:49

yes I've had problems with parents not paying. I've got three at the moment who owe us money, Two of those have been fully funded since Easter and have failed to pay off the arrears this term. One other has only beeen coming since Easter and has paid for less than half the sessions

In fact since Christmas only one of the 6 parents who owed us money has paid on time

cktwo Tue 14-Jul-09 19:07:07

I can handle the parents that don't pay as such, it's the ones who shout at you when you try and resolve it that take the biscuit angry.
This woman has been a nightmare as she's so aggresive. I'm hoping when her eldest starts school in September there may be a bit of back-up from the head.

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