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Recommend me some computer software

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purepurple Sat 11-Jul-09 11:57:58

We have 3 brand new computers but have found that our existing games (very old) don't work on them.
I have older children myself so don't really know what games to buy.
The children in pre-school are 3 and 4 and enjoy a game called Fizzy's numbers, which is the only one that works.
They also like the games on Purble Palace, pre-installed on the computers but I am struggling as what to buy.
I have found these on Amazon
interactive storybook
fun at the seaside
winnie the pooh
learning is fun
has anyone got these?
what do your children enjoy playing on the computer?
I am not that concerned with what they learn on the computer, the learning comes from using the computer itself

misshardbroom Sat 11-Jul-09 18:33:03

My 3 & 4 y.o find a lot to entertain them on the CBeebies website. The Numberjacks website is really good too, although possibly more for your older 4 y.o than a new 3 y.o.

I also have a Cat in the Hat CD-ROM which we use at home, and they like this a lot, good for mouse skills, learning how to navigate software, etc.

Colonelcupcake Tue 14-Jul-09 21:47:28

Comfy do some good products and software, and they get their own keyboard so you don't need to worry about yours

purepurple Fri 17-Jul-09 07:22:16

we have new children's keyboards, brightly coloured and with lower case letters on

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