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Trying to plan ahead - what is more important?

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ApuskiDusky Wed 03-Jun-09 10:30:21

Continuity of care with a great childminder or going to the preschool that is part of (hopefully) the school ds will go to?

DS is only 20 months so I am getting ahead of myself, but I've been looking into preschools. He has a fab childminder but she does pick-ups from one particular school/preschool and doesn't drive so wouldn't be able to do more. The preschool she picks up from sounds fine, but I wouldn't be happy with ds going to the school there.

So my options seem to be to switch childminders when ds is old enough so ds can go to the preschool attached to the school I like, or stick with my cm, use the preschool she picks up from and then have to deal with him not knowing anyone when starting school.

It is some time off, but if I need to add him to a waiting list now, then I need to make some decisions. Advice / opinions?

redskyatnight Wed 03-Jun-09 10:57:26

TBH, I'd say there is no need to make the decision now. Stick him on the waiting list for both pre-schools (or do they charge a deposit? If it's not much you might consider if you would be prepared to lose it to keep your options open) and decide when you get a bit closer to the time. Plenty of things can happen in the next year which will make your decision (potentially) clearer.

For what it's worth my DS started a school where most children had been to the attached pre-school (but he hadn't) and he settled in just fine. Actually he's had about a dozen best friends since September. I think friendships ARE pretty fluid when they are little (especially boys).

ApuskiDusky Wed 03-Jun-09 11:50:40

Yes, you're right, I don't need to decide now. I'll check out whether they ask for deposits or not, thanks!

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