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Toddler language cd/dvd recommendations please

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pavlovthesmugcat Sun 17-May-09 17:35:28

I would like my DD to start learning/becoming familiar with a language, am thinking spanish as it is used throughout the world, in particular in USA where we have lots of family.

Can anyone recommend some toddler specific cds to listen to in the car/dvds to play at home accompanied by books please?

Thanks x

pavlovthesmugcat Sun 17-May-09 17:35:47

She is almost 3, btw.

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 17-May-09 17:42:00

hello pavlov, long time no see.

i don't know. i reckon your best bet is to get a spanish childminder.

or try dora the explorer.

pavlovthesmugcat Sun 17-May-09 17:43:22

lol - dora the explorer is good, but she only learns like one word if she is lucky, with an american accent!!!

How you doing dragon? good to hear from you x

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 17-May-09 17:49:29

i'm good i think.
too busy to even think about whether i'm ok.

have been offered a job in scotland, am negotiating my pay and it's getting a bit heavy, i am trying to finish a mosaic for an exhibition that starts next weekend in exeter. and our house is for sale, and we have to keep it nice for viewings.

hectic really.

how are you?

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 17-May-09 17:53:34


pavlovthesmugcat Sun 17-May-09 17:53:57

Wow, job in Scotland! Good for you! Its hard selling a house isn't it as you can't have any lazy days!

I am ok. I have been quite poorly with hyperemesis but i was medicated yesterday and its made a big improvement already so fingers crossed. Been off work for 3 weeks, probably off for another week.

nevergoogledragonbutter Sun 17-May-09 17:55:39

oh yuck.
i had morning sickness all the way through my 2nd pregnancy. strangely none with the first. but even at normal sickness levels it was grim. hyperemesis must be debilitating.
poor you.

pavlovthesmugcat Sun 17-May-09 21:19:01

Any one else with recommendations?

Beleaguered Sun 17-May-09 22:23:06

I have heard of Muzzy... but know nothing about it I'm afraid... am lurking for recommendations myself...

pavlovthesmugcat Tue 19-May-09 19:52:37

I think that is the one I was thinking about. I had spoken to someone about it who said it was good, and seen it advertised but could not remember. I looked it up on t'net and it looks good and they are doing a trial. It also means not having to specify language at this point.

I am not necessarily wanting her to learn how to speak it well at this age or anything, but to get familiar with the sounds of foreign words, speak a few words - keep those neural pathways open so she is able to master languages more easily as she grows older!

If I find out anything more I will let you know too smile

lingobaby Sun 19-Jul-09 22:05:20

You might like to take a look at (which also offers a 10% discount for babyboomboom)


bubblecloud Fri 25-Sep-09 17:39:22

I've just put peppa pig on for my 2 year old on the computer (on Youtube) and it came up in Italian, then I found a French one. I was just about to start a new question about how useful it would be to watch it in another language. I'm sure you can get spanish too. Probably most cartoons.


ilovegarlic Tue 29-Sep-09 11:43:05 - do a range of early years dvd's and programme - Ive got the french Jeux de doigts which my ds loves. they also do Spanish I think

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