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what the hell is the phonics for 'x'?

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xfabba Wed 13-May-09 11:22:22


MrsJamesMartin Wed 13-May-09 11:26:14

Jolly phonics website says "
x Pretend to take an x-ray of someone with an x-ray gun and say ks, ks, ks. "

Don't think DD ever did X though as a phonic.

DwayneDibbley Wed 13-May-09 15:30:59

Message withdrawn

HeinzSight Wed 13-May-09 15:35:08

imagine a caveman saying ux (very quickly), like ug ug!

also agree with the kiss without the i

xfabba Wed 13-May-09 16:10:14


what word with x in sound like that though?


james79 Wed 13-May-09 16:36:25

x as in fox and box

xfabba Wed 13-May-09 21:12:20

oh yeah that makes sense thanks

maverick Thu 14-May-09 10:19:13

Unusually, the X sound is created by blending 2 sounds: /k/s/ as in 'fix' or /g/s/ as in 'exist'
Have a look at the Alphabet Code overview chart here:

Overmydeadbody Thu 14-May-09 10:24:06

Heinz that is the wrong way to do phonics, but a mistake many parents make, putting a vowel sound in with the other sound. It's not uks, it's just ks
Think about it: If a child tries to write fox, using phnics that have been tought incorrectly, he could up writing faoux.


HeinzSight Thu 14-May-09 13:18:10

Overmydeadbody, I agree with you, I was trying to expand on earlier posts, that's why I suggested saying it very quickly, I should have been more clear in not pronouncing the u sound. I also agreed with the kiss without the i.

katiestar Thu 14-May-09 14:18:50

we had a parent evening about how literacy is taught in schools and they said there were 42 sounds in the English language which they cover with jolly phonics So I wonder why x in there when it is a blend of 'K' & 'S' ,also I wonder about 'j for jelly' i would have thought this was d+ j.

mrz Sat 16-May-09 11:06:00

Sorry katie but you (well no one I know ) pronounces jelly djelly or jump djump ...the /j/ sound can be represented by /g/ as in giant /ge/ as in luggage and /dge/ as in judge .../x/ is in there because it is one grapheme/phoneme representation of the sound 'ks' the sound can also be written 'ks' 'cks' and 'kes' Jolly Phonics introduces the 42 sounds using the most common ways of representing them in writing ~ there are something like 150 ways of representing the 42 sounds which children learn later.

Carmody Sun 31-May-09 22:53:06

Please forgive me if I bring this somewhat academic discussion down to a commercial level, but I'm very interested in what you think of the LeapFrog Letter Factory dvd (a US product) as an introduction to phonics for a British child.

My daughter first started watching this as she turned 3 and, aside from its pronunciation of the letter z, she appears to have picked up single letter phonics brilliantly from it (including the sound made by a 'z').

Was this a poor choice of phonics introduction? Have I caused problems in her future literacy learning?

mrz Fri 05-Jun-09 21:32:16

Personally I have a problem with many US products as I end up with a class full of children talking with American accents but it isn't going to scar your child for life.

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