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Salusbury Road Primary School NW6 - anyone had experience of the nursery there?

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dinkystinky Tue 24-Mar-09 13:58:05

DS1 turns 3 in April. The private nursery we'd applied to for morning places for him to start in September has told us they have no space but might be able to squeeze him into a couple of afternoon sessions. We fall within the catchment area of Salusbury Road Primary School for a nursery placement but unfortunately missed the boat totally on doing tours of the nursery (as didnt even find out it has a nursery until a month ago). Do any MNetters have kids who go to this school/went to this nursery and if so, what are your thoughts about it?

CAS77 Tue 05-Jul-11 10:23:31

I know this is an old thread but just wanted to bump it as wanted to find out more about this nursery - OP did your DS end up there?

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