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I have a pfbish question about my dd starting nursery...

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AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Sat 21-Feb-09 15:27:13

So. Dd is 2.9 and soon to start nursery. She has a blankie which she is fiercely attached to. She never sleeps without her blankie and she needs it if she is upset or hurts herself.

Do I send her to nursery with a blankie in case she needs it? Do I tell the nursery staff about her blankie so they have the option of getting it out should she need it?

Or should I keep it for home time only? Is it too much to expect nursery to remember she has a blankie?

On the one hand I can't bear to think of her asking for her blankie and not having it. On the other... am I being precious and pfbish?

(She has quite a few blankies, so the world wouldn't end if one were misplaced at nursery).

What do you think?

compo Sat 21-Feb-09 15:29:42

we always kept ours for home only
you could just put it in her bag and tell them it's a comforter if she needs it

TigerFeet Sat 21-Feb-09 15:31:55

DD was much younger when she started nursery but still had her comfort toy in her bag until she got to about 3 1/2 I think. When she was little it was available to her all the time but as she got bigger it was kept out of sight unless she was tired or upset. Would you be happy to keep it in her bag unless the staff thought she particularly needed it? I doubt she'll be the only one with a comfort item at 2.9 and the staff will be used to it.

MissisBoot Sat 21-Feb-09 15:33:10

Her nursery should ask if she has a comfort and what she needs it for. Her keyworker will remember that she has a blankie.

Will she be going all day or just for a session?

At dd's they keep all toys/comforts etc in a special box and then they come out at naptime or if they're upset.

However, it wouldn't be a bad thing for her to get used to not having her blankie - she'll probably be so busy she won't have time to notice its not there.

ThingOne Sat 21-Feb-09 15:33:54

Ask the nursery what they recommend? She won't be the first child with a precious thing. My DS1 never had one so when he traipsed off for his first day at nursery at 3.9 he insisted on taking a sippy cup full of water with him! The nursery was very laid back about it.

I won't let my DS2 take his special toy out of the house as we only have one and I can't bear the responsibility of it getting lost!

AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Sat 21-Feb-09 15:34:36

Yes, I wouldn't want her to have it all the time. She's not bothered about having it all the time and is quite happy to race off and play without giving it a thought fr hours. It's just of she falls or gets upset or is poorly or anything.

So you think it would be okay for her and staff to know it was there if necessary?

God I'm so anxious about this whole thing. (She's not - she's really excited and looking forward to it.)

AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Sat 21-Feb-09 15:35:44

Oh bless him with his cup of water! grin

HensMum Sat 21-Feb-09 15:47:51

DS is much younger (16 months) but he takes his special teddy to nursery for naptime. It really helped him settle in I think.
It's usually back in his bag at hometime but if he has a rough afternoon, he has it with him. All the staff know about the bear and are fine with it.
The nursery rules state no toys except for comfort objects so they do expect some children to have them.

giantkatestacks Sat 21-Feb-09 15:49:08

I had this exactly with my ds - in the end he took it and the staff were a bit hmm and asked us if we could try without - he quickly got used to it being just a house thing.

AliceTheCamelHasGotTheHump Sat 21-Feb-09 16:38:39

I shall ask the staff. Good advice.

rachels103 Tue 24-Feb-09 22:03:28

My ds (3.3) takes his bear to nursery, he always has done and I don't see anything wrong with it - he needs it if he's upset and when he's there for quite a long day I think it's important that he has something from home with him. Nursery have never had a problem with it either, at least not openly to my face, even if they are a bit hmm
It's always in his drawer when we pick him up because he's too busy to think about it but I like to know it's there. (How pfb is that? grin)

However, he has just started at pre school 2 mornings a week (he's only at nursery for one full day once a week) and bear isn't going there because it's only 3 hours and I would quite like to wean him off it at some point!

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