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How do I explain in a parent newsletter what the Pre-School Committee is without degrading gthe staff?

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Ilovecurry Tue 13-Jan-09 21:09:41

Many of the parents do not know what the Committee does at all and some I think would be shocked to learn that the school runs the school and pays the staffs wages etc...

Could you please suggest or draft a paragragh I could put in the next parent newsletter describing what it is about and how parents can get involved!!! Im struggling

FairLadyRantALot Tue 13-Jan-09 21:51:02

not sure if there is something helpful there

VodaMum Wed 21-Jan-09 12:19:33

Hi FairLady, I'm the committee chair of a playgroup. I recently put out the following notice for more committee members. Feel free to use all or part of it. Best of luck!


The Playgroup committee is responsible for the overall management and smooth-running of the Playgroup. This can mean anything from organising a fun fundraising event to negotiating with a landlord over the terms of a lease.

We have overall responsibility for managing the Playgroup staff, drawing business plans, managing the accounts and ensuring that the Playgroup complies with its legal and educational obligations.

The current committee is composed of parent volunteers. We meet monthly to ensure the smooth running of the playgroup and we receive lot of support from the Playgroup staff, various organisations and business professionals.

The current committee needs more members – the more people in the committee the lighter the work load on any one individual. We have vacancies for Vice Chairman, Fundraisers, Assistant Treasurer, Publicity & Webmaster as well as vacancies for general members who can help out as required.

Interested? Please contact XXXXX on XXXXXXXXX for details of the committee roles and how you can participate. You are also welcome to attend one of our meetings to get a taste of the work we do.


PigeonPie Thu 22-Jan-09 22:12:44

VodaMum, that's a really great text. I'm Secretary of ours, may I pilfer it too? Ta in advance!

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