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SEF for pre-schools, who completes it??

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Ripeberry Thu 30-Oct-08 14:57:33

Hi, our pre-school leader keeps going on about the SEF needing to be completed asap.
Who completes it, the pre-school leader (who is working with the children) or the whole committee (who mostly won't have a clue anyway)?
Also, i know i've asked this before, but do the pre-school policies have to be changed to reflect EYFS?
No wonder our old pre-school leader left last year! Loads of stuff is really out of date.

littlerach Thu 30-Oct-08 16:59:56

Preschool leader completes parts 1 and 2, chair does part 3, from what I can remember!!

The new on line ones may be different though. It isn't too ardouos once you get into it.

Policies may need to be changed, depending on content. So curriculum has changed so if that isd mentioned then you need ot alter it.

Also bits that used to include Building Blocks, planning and obs may need ot be latered.

The bulk will probably be the same though.

Ypu may be able to download model onesa form PLA website.

Also your CDO at the council should be able to point you to model ones.

Prufrock Thu 30-Oct-08 19:55:30

Ripe - would you like me to send you our recently rewritten (by a committee member who used to run a large nursery) policies? e-mail me on if they would help.

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