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pre school at school nursery or private nursery?

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Greatfun Wed 22-Oct-08 10:59:30

DD has been going to the same private nursery since she was 9 months. She is now 3.Since moving her to the pre school room I have had a few doubts. The room is very chaotic, there are 2 members of staff one of whom has been changed twice in a few months. TBH I just cant see how they can be learning much.DD seem shappy enough to be there byt it cery tired and irritable on the days she goes to nursery. I also suspect that alot of the children will be taken out of the private nursery to go to school nurseries meaning there may not be many children her age left.I have applied for a local pre school place at a local school from January thinking it may be better - more structured, more experienced staff, same children on each days making it easier to follow a criteria. Am I just worrying about this too much? Does it matter about being so formal at this age? If I go for the school option then I will either have to give up work all together or find some sort of wrap around care (the schools round here dont offer wrap around for childen of nursery age).

sarahmikeharryandrosie Wed 22-Oct-08 15:40:11

My DS went to a private day nursery too and he loved it but like you i felt that a school pre- school would set him up ready for "big school" next september,he has been going since sept 15th and i must say DS loves pre-school and seems so much happier there, they do so many activities it amazes me every day.

DS loves the fact he wears a uniform like all his freinds too!!!

My only grumble is that 2.5 hours doesn't seem long enough, he attends from 8-45 til 11-15 mon to friday and thats great but no sooner do i get home feels like i am heading back to collect him,

Do what you feel is right for you dd,

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