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misshardbroom Tue 21-Oct-08 18:26:12

So there's a notice on the preschool door saying 'A case of headlice has been reported'.

Would you

a) treat all the family with nit shampoo as a precaution?
b) go over the kids with a fine toothcomb but not stress unless they start scratching?
c) do nothing?

questions, comments, observations please (as my A-level tutors used to say. Although not about nits.)

sweeneytodd Tue 21-Oct-08 18:27:58


smartiejake Tue 21-Oct-08 18:39:41

DO NOT treat unless you actually find lice.

Yes go over head with fine tooth comb when hair is wet and conditioned. If the DCs have only just been in contact with lice you can get rid before the little blighters take hold.

bumpybecky Tue 21-Oct-08 19:22:13


Smithagain Thu 23-Oct-08 17:24:09

b - and keep checking every time you wash their hair. If everyone did that, they wouldn't spread so much.

(Mutters darkly about DD1's best friend's mum who cheerfully ignored all such advice throughout nursery years, because "it would be so easy to see them" in her daughter's hair. She was very shocked the first time she did an actual, proper check and found about half a million empty egg shells. So I wonder where DD could have got her first case from, then ........hmm )

mazzystartled Thu 23-Oct-08 17:28:39

nits/lice vnly itchy if individuals sensitive and often only kicks in a month after they have arrived. so you have to look, and look regularly - weekly/fortnightly

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