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weegem Tue 14-Oct-08 14:45:18

Hi, i'm after a bit of advice, (hope i'm in the right topic!)My son (2and a half) started at a playgroup 4 weeks ago and just does'nt seem to be settling! the playgroup is for 2hours 4 days a week. He attended a creche for an hour twice a week whilst I went to a gym and we never had a problem on leaving him there. He will not let me leave and on the rare occasion I have left he screams for me and throws him self down and kicks. This is so out of character and so upsetting for all involved. There has been some disruption to playgroup being on (heating problems)but he has never settled. I'm emotionally drained and am close to giving up, but I would like him to get the social aspect of playgroup and would love some time to get on with my business, any advice would be apriciated! Thankyou.

feeble Tue 14-Oct-08 23:01:50

I had this with my daughter and it went on for months. I moved her and within days she settled fine. Some kids do settle after a bit but trust your instincts if he isn't happy try and find somewhere else. Playgroup is really good for him. If he has settled fine before in creche this should be no different?

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