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Please help with question on pre-school fees...

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kkey21 Sun 05-Oct-08 10:30:08

Hi there.....

Wonder if anyone can help? My ds started pre school in February tis year and as he didn't turn 3 until Auggust we had to pay for his 2 x sessions per week.....

After filling in my self assessment tax return in April-we found out he was actually eligble for a funded place after talking to a i spoke to the teacher in charge to be told i should have told them when he started to get the funding in place.....But being self employed i couldn't have!

How do i/Can i get my fees back and if sio who can i call as the nursery don't seem to be able to help me further!
Is it the Cis or who?

The money was a real struggle to find as it was 1/4 of my weekly salary in that period and now with a newborn i could do with it back if i can get it? We are talking a good few hundred pounds+ over the course of Feb-July.

Many Thanks

bumpybecky Sun 05-Oct-08 19:52:50

why would you have been eligable for a funded place? I thought it wasn't until the term after the third birthday (ish) so in your case from beginning of September

lou031205 Sun 05-Oct-08 20:24:00

Do you mean through the Tax Credits? Because they have a back date limit of 3 months, I am afraid. Other than that, the provision of funding for pre-schoolers only starts the term after a child turns 3.

marathonmum Sun 05-Oct-08 22:17:12

If you were in receipt of working tax credits or child tax credits with an income of less than £25,000 ish you would have been eligible. However would you not have had you WTC/CTC statement to show the nursery?. I think it is probably too late to claim it back once the end of the term has past. Any adjustments(leavers, starters, ones who forgot to tell you) need to be listed before the end of term.
Get the name and te of where they send the funding forms off to (it varies from region to region) and give them a call if your nursery wont do it for you.

Plonker Mon 06-Oct-08 23:06:04

Nursery Education Grant funding is paid for each child from the term after they turn 3, so in your sons' case, from September 1st. Therefore your son was funded as soon as he was eligible therefore you won't be able to get any rebate.

I think you are maybe meaning Working Tax Credits? Unfortunately i don't know anything about tax rebates so can't help you there. Have you tried ringing the Inland Revenue?

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