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Pre-Prep in Croydon

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CHOOGIRL Mon 29-Sep-08 23:38:42

I'm not sure why I'm up at midnight worrying about this when DD is not even 3 yet but here goes. Like to get value for money so was thinking would use 12.5 'free' hours to send DD to private pre-prep schools at aged 3 or 4 to get a good start - obviously would need to top up for a bit. Options Croydon Girls, Old Palace or Royal Russell. Would then take out at age 5 and send to very good C of E school (I go to the church regularly and live very close). If Ididn't get in to church school then she would already have her place in the private school. Whereas if I leave it until I know whether she gets into Church school then it will be too late to get her into private school It is a nightmare because private start at 3+ and state at 4+

Having been to look at schools I also think that I would like the private one so much wouldn't want to take her out. Question does anyone have experience of these schools - Has anyone done what I am planning to do. Should I just leave her in her current pre-school until 5 on the good chance she should get into CofE school.

Waiting2Exhale Wed 15-Oct-08 22:53:29

Hi Choogirl,

finally found someone like me. My DS was only one when me and DH started looking at our childs schooling options. I am also from this area and would suggest you take a look at lodge school which has a good reputation. Its in purley.

I hope this helps. We have chosen Cumnor House School (Boys School) which also has a lovely mixed (Boys and Girls) nursery called Cumnor Treetop Nursery. Am kinda doing the same as you. Securing a private school in the event that one of the good state/church schools don't have a place for him.

Happy hunting... x

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