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TinaStratford Wed 24-Sep-08 22:14:53

My son was 3 on Saturday and has just started pre-school.He is due to go for 2 and half hrs ,3days a week.He went yesterday and I went with him,he played along with me and I distanced myself when he was happy to play independently.Today I took him and whilst I had prepared him that he would be staying to play whilst I went 'shopping' he was v upset at the idea of being left.I was encouraged to stay until he was playing,which I did but after 20mins of not seeming to seperate,the staff suggested to him that Mummy went home for a coffee and then came back.He was unhappy with this but I reassured him and left(crying secretly obviously!).After 10mins they called me to reassure me that he was OK and playing.
An hour after leaving they called me as he was v upset and asked me to go back.
I did, and stayed with him until the end of the session to support him whilst trying to help im to understnad the new routine.
I am taking him again tomorrow and have talked to him about it and he says he "wants to try again and try not to cry!".The staff voiced that he said he thought he was going to be there forever.I have explained to him that I will pick him up after snack time but I am concerened that he will be hysterical again,does anyone have any ideas to settle him in?we have tried to prepare him for months but the reality seems to scare him as he has never been away fro the family and has only ever attended parent and toddler groups where I have been present.

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