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IEP at pre-school

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lou031205 Thu 18-Sep-08 15:02:40

Hi, as far as I know, DD1 (2.9) is NT. But today, her pre-school, which she has attended for 8 weeks, since June, have called me to one side.

They said that as Millie is 'behind' in her development, they feel that she would benefit from an IEP, and that they feel she needs 1:1 during the free-play time at pre-school.

They are referring her to the Inclusion Officer? for assessment. They hope to secure funding for 1:1 during all her pre-school sessions.

Does anyone have any advice? How unusual, or usual, is it for a pre-schooler who appears to be NT in general to be flagged for 1:1?

(I am posting in 2 topics because I wasn't sure where to put it!)

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