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playgroup worries

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bookswapper Wed 17-Sep-08 08:01:46

DS (almost 3) is not settling at playgroup (this is his fourth week, 2 days a week)
He seemed to have attached himself to a member of staff and I left him with her today, reading a story.
After I left he cried for his mummy and cried on and off for the two hour session.
I have finally found the right topic to post this in! Thanks for all the replies so far in the other topic <idiot emoticon>

When I returned, this staff member told me he had had his worst day yet.

Tonight, DS told my DH, when he asked about playgroup that "the lady doesnt like me"
We are in bits. We have no way of knowing which lady he means and no way of finding out. Its horrible thinking he feels he is somewhere (without mum or dad) with someone who doesnt like him.

I dont think he is making it up or could make this up.

What would you do? Phone them to find out why he might have said this? We are tempted to just take him out.

they are not keen on having parents stay and even suggested, when he was quiet, that I slip away without saying goodbye

compo Wed 17-Sep-08 08:04:28

Have you stayed with him for a settlng in session to see what the problem is and if there is one?

SammyK Wed 17-Sep-08 08:06:13

Hmm the don't sound very positive do they?

A good playgroup would encourage you to stay maybe once or twice, (but not all morning every morning), and should always encourage a quick, cheery goodbye, rather sloping off!

Are there other options in your area?

bookswapper Wed 17-Sep-08 08:06:49

they dont like the parents to stay I have volunteered as a parent helper and on that day he seemed fine

jollydo Wed 17-Sep-08 14:52:02

It may be that he just isn't ready yet, he is very young still. Could you try again when he is a bit older? You've given it a good try, at 4 weeks, and if he isn't happy throughout the session I would be tempted to take him out for now.

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