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Mixing school nursery class with day nursery - anyone do this and any tips?

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chipmunkswhereareyou Sun 07-Sep-08 18:50:01

I'm thinking of sending ds to a state school's nursery in the mornings - it would be for 2.5 hours daily and then 2 afternoons at the day nursery he goes to at the moment instead of four mornings as he does now.

I'm sure he wouldn't get confused by this but are there any other downsides? I would probably let him go slightly late to the afternoon nursery sessions so he had a little time at home in between and for lunch.

murphyslaw Mon 08-Sep-08 08:32:51

I did a mix with my DS but never on the same days. Guess the only drawback will be tiredness!

M1SSUNDERSTOOD Sat 20-Sep-08 19:18:40

I do this with my DS and it's evolved due to my work committments. It's for 3 sessions at the ante preschool and as it's only for 2.5 hours he finds the days aren't as long. His daycare nursery is open for 10 hours and that is more tiring spending a whole day there. I think he enjoys the change of scenery.

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