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Childcare voucher schemes. Anyone ever tried to get money back from them?

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SwissCheese Thu 28-Aug-08 21:05:24

Hello. I currently use a childcare voucher scheme set up via a nationally recognised company and my place of work. As those of you who already perhaps participate in the schemes, it takes a sum of money per month from my wages prior to tax/NI being deducted, hence making the childcare slightly cheaper. The funds are then paid to the nursery from there in vouchers or directly to their account through a form of e-banking. (Terminology not quite exact, but trying to keep it simple).

The situation I have discovered is this. I've had to change childcare establishments. The new place doesn't run the scheme and isn't making any progress into setting it up. (After all, I suppose there isn't any additional benefit to them, as it is still the same amount of money that they get - unless some know to the contrary).

Having had a couple of month's worth of funds already in the childcare scheme account, if I can't get the new place to set up the scheme, my 'money' is stuck in the scheme. Apparently refunds aren't allowed. And I have been told to contact HR.

Has anyone experienced this and IF it gets to stalemate, what should I do?

n5rje Thu 28-Aug-08 22:08:55

Yes, this happened to me as I had irregular work hours and one DS about to start school and I ended up with more vouchers than I needed. I asked my nursery if they would allow me to pay over all of the vouchers and then give me a cash refund for the overpayment. They were happy to do this and it worked fine - I don't know how practical this might be for you as you have changed nurseries and mine was a family owned business so might not be possible for one which is part of a group/chain but it might be worth asking.

elkiedee Thu 28-Aug-08 22:21:32

I would hassle your child's new nursery again. It's not that difficult for a provider to get set up. My CM hadn't heard of childcare vouchers before, she's quite newly registered, but she filled in her form with her dh's help. Your nursery only needs to fill in one form and send it off, as far as being set up as a provider on the voucher scheme I think. I suppose the only benefit for a provider is if there's competition between local nurseries and CMs. It took about 3 months though from dp getting childcare vouchers to being able to use them, but that was voucher company's fault not CM.

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