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Can't decide when to start DS at pre-school, opinions please

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Weegle Wed 06-Aug-08 14:34:09

DS is currently 2.2. He goes to a private nursery two half days and loves it, although has had periods of being unsettled and clingy but the staff are fabulous, known him since baby etc etc. Massive con is it's a twenty minute drive.

He's been offered a place at pre-school (love it, 2 minute walk, v friendly from what I can tell) from either Nov or Jan. I can't decide when it would be best for him to start.

He'll be 2yr 5mo in Nov. His speech is probably above average and I think he would love some of the challenges/interesting things that pre-school bring. Once he comes out of his shell he is a very active and bubbly little boy BUT he is extremely shy to begin with and doesn't really like change, and HATES being the centre of attention e.g. he sings in tune and loves singing so people often comment and start listening to him and he hates it, will come and hide in my lap bless him! He takes a long time to warm to new people (I'm talking several occasions of meeting them for several hours). He seems very popular at his nursery, especially with the older children - but is that because they've known him since babyhood? He's no where near potty trained but the pre-school leader has no problems with that at all, and says that shouldn't be a consideration in our decision and that he will probably, in fact, pick that up more quickly once he's at pre-school anyway. Help! Has anyone else had a sensitive little boy who went to pre-school on the early side? I'm also concerned because he is the height of an average rising 4 year old so looks so much older than he is, but I'm guessing the staff can be made aware of that. I really don't know whether there will be a big difference between Nov and Jan in how he will adjust, or whether I should just make the decision on what suits me better e.g. the drive, the hours etc... what do you think?

Seeline Wed 06-Aug-08 14:38:46

The only comment I would make is that if you start in Nov he may settle quite well, or may be not, but either way you then have to negotiate the break for the Christmas holidays (probably at least 2 weeks). That may really unsettle him, and you may have to start all over again in January anyway. I wouldn't worry about him being shy, if it's a good pre-school they will let you stay with him until he feels ready for you to leave him.

Weegle Wed 06-Aug-08 14:50:24

yes, they said that when we looked round which was reassuring. The other major factor is cost - it will cost only 50% of what it costs us to send him the two half days to nursery.

good point about xmas, but won't the same happen with January with half term and then Easter?

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