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Last day of playschool!! So sad..

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bignose Thu 24-Jul-08 20:59:50

It was my ds last day at playschool yesterday.It was a playschool that is in a primary school grounds so most of the children go on the reception year providing they get in there.
My ds didnt get into the school as we are not near enough.
Yesterday was so emotional.He is one of 3other children out of the whole playschool that isnt going with their friends.
I am finding it so hard to stop myself from crying today (and yesterday).
He is going to a great school in septemebr and I am happy with it but am now devistated for lots of reasons.
I got to know lots of the parents at playschool and built up good friendships.We even started going out together for meals.
I hate the fact that my routine is going to completely change.I have to try and get to know other parents and it just wont be the same.I will be staying in touch with the others but it wont be the same.I feel envious that they are all still going to drop their kids off in the same way they have been at playschool.Seeing each other and chatting.The children will all be together.I feel bad and sad.
Is it normal for the parents to chat and get to know each other?
Is it unusual that we have all become close friends?
Does this normally happen with everyone?
A friend of mine said its not usual for this to happen!

bignose Thu 24-Jul-08 21:03:53

Dont get me wrong Im not desperate for friends.I do have my own friends but I think its pleasant for everyone to chat and be nice and get on at the gates so it helps the childrens relatonships.

Fimbo Thu 24-Jul-08 21:04:25

Children are resilient - they don't start making proper friends imo until they reach year 1. Friendships at the moment come and go. My ds has just finished nursery and he hasn't really clicked with anyone in particular he is just happy to play with whoever is around. I have found the mums of girls have formed a little cliche and seem to have bonded quite well.

Reading between the lines (and I am sorry if this sounds harsh) you seem more upset for yourself than your ds.

Fimbo Thu 24-Jul-08 21:06:03

There is a mum at the moment who can't see that her ds and my ds will never be the best of chums but she is always all over me and to be honest I find her a bit overbearing and find myself backing away.

bignose Thu 24-Jul-08 21:06:48

Omg yes its me thats upset not my ds.He is finding it very exciting about going to big school.
I dont cope well with big changes.My ds doesnt know how Im feeling as theres really no need and I have to get on with it.I jus feel so upset about the while thing.Am I being silly? Yes!

bignose Thu 24-Jul-08 21:11:16

Im not like that.I would never push myself onto people and really it is surprising that Iv made such good friends at playschool as I lack confindence and am rubbish at small talk.We just all got on and had a laugh.

Fimbo Thu 24-Jul-08 21:15:06

Sorry I didn't mean it to sound as though I was accusing you of being overbearing.

I am part of a group of 4 friends and 2 of these friends have moved away to different villages. I have known them since our HV's postal natal group. It isn't the same as our dc are not at the same nursery and school in September but we meet up when we can and our dcs still get on famously.

Heated Thu 24-Jul-08 21:23:00

It's was ds' last day at his fab nursery today where he's been for over 3 years. It felt quite poignant to say goodbye to such familiar faces and it really does mark the end of his toddlerdom. He was thrilled as he got to hand out sweets to all his friends and gave his key worker a present. But I'm being completely daft since dd still goes! Am going to give myself a slap.

Niecie Thu 24-Jul-08 21:39:23

A little bit silly yes, but it is understandable. It is a change for you, quite apart from it being another indication that your baby isn't a baby any more. In a lot of ways it is good but it is still a little sad that they won't have the happy time at nursery any more. My DS2 finished playgroup last week and I was more sad about it than him too and I can't even say that I had made loads of friends. It is just another indication that I am getting old!

You will make new friends. If you are approachable people will approach you. You can't avoid it really, if you are there every day.

bignose Thu 24-Jul-08 21:40:08

I just need to get it together.I think it would be better if we cold just go straight into the routine of september now so I dint have 6weeks to worry about it.

Niecie Thu 24-Jul-08 22:02:50

Have you not had any induction afternoons/evenings, bignose? You might be able to tell who else doesn't know anybody and getting talking to them.

It will also help when DS starts making friends as you will probably get talking to their parents - children generally find it all much easier than the grown-ups.

Don't worry though - enjoy your summer with your DS.

bignose Thu 24-Jul-08 22:37:19

thanku thats true.This is going to be the best summer ever.

beckykj Fri 25-Jul-08 08:44:02

My dd left Pre School yesterday and i feel exactly the same, i admit i even cried looking at the pictures last night, half of the children will be going to school with dd, but her best friend is going to a differant school and they were inseperable, was also a sad day as the pre school shut for good and were selling off everything when i got there, i really really wanted to send my ds there in September and guuted that he cannot go as it really was a lovely little pre school, the other option for him just isn't as good

bignose Fri 25-Jul-08 12:26:45

Thank goodness someone who is crying at the pictures.Me too.I havent cried yet today.Its hard gettin up in the mornings and not getting ready for playschool.I will miss it so much.I dont want to move on to something else!!!I love it how it was.Why do things have to change of you dont want them to.
Raaggghhh raaggghh raaggghh!!!!

beckykj Sat 26-Jul-08 11:31:09

You sound exactly like, me i am so not good with change, i hate it. I don't think it helps that my dd is not 4 yet and seems so young to go to big school When my ds turns 4 he will have another 10 months of nursery left. I miss it and so does dd.

bignose Sat 26-Jul-08 19:55:14

Im pleased you understand me.I just want to enjoy the holidays and I just hope that I cope ok with September.
Oh Oh Oh!!!

Lisa229 Mon 28-Jul-08 13:17:45

I am exactly the same. I cried on the final morning of dropping off DD1 to nursery and when we picked them up, most of the mums and teachers were all crying!! The kids were looking at us like we were off our heads!

DD1 is also going to a different school to everyone else at nursery. She made 2 really good friends and even though the mums said we will still see each other, I'm not sure we will. I am not the most sociable person and I am not sure we are good enough friends to continue it.

When DD1 has her first and only induction at the big school, I tried to talk to a couple of mums, but noon was very forthcoming so i am now worried what it will be like in Sept. It took me a while to talk to mums at nursery and I just hate the fact we have to start all over again.

Also DD1 is quite shy and I hope she will make friends at the school as she took quite a while to settle.

So you are not the only one who is a softy!

bignose Mon 28-Jul-08 13:48:13

Ah thats good then.
My ds isnt a very outgoing boy until he knows people and feel comfortable.He is kind,sensitive&considerate.He is not very assertive and likes to make people happy.I just hope people wont take advantage of his nice nature (although at this age Im sure the others wont mean to take advantage).

pooka Mon 28-Jul-08 13:54:51

I went through pretty much the same thing when dd left pre-school. Almost all of the preschoolers were going on to the attached school. DD didn't get in because we lived 100m too far away.
She wasn't particularly sad, I was though! Because there had been an easy familiarity about the drop offs and pick ups, and I had to pretty much start over with the new school. And I still haven't got the same situation at dd's school but it is better than expected. Ho hum.

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