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Nursery grants

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Redwood Wed 23-Jul-08 22:46:34

Does anyone know about nursery grants, I know children get it from the term after they turn 3 but when does it stop and do they get it if they start private school up until they are 5?

LIZS Thu 24-Jul-08 07:12:49

It stops once the child goes to Reception in a state school or the term once they are 5 in a fee paying. Many private schools can therefore claim it for you for up to 3 terms during the Reception year (ie if summer b'day) , but not all qualify (LEA should know which do) as it depends if they are Ofsted approved and meet certain LEA criteria such as operating for so many weeks per year/hours per week. You'd still have to top up the fees as it only covers the equivalent of 2 1/2 hours per sessions for up to 5 sessions per week.

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