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Decision Time: playgroup or school nursery?

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MrsWaggsnapps Thu 10-Jul-08 22:04:59

I am chronically indecisive and am getting my knickers in a right twist over this, everyone I know is partial so I am asking MN for help.

DS is 5 in Jane, he will be starting school then (deferred from Sept), at the mo he goes to a lovely playgrp opposite the school with a large garden (we live in a built up area so this is a big plus), he's been there for 1.5 yrs.

I had decided that dispite all his contempories leaving in Sept. he was to stay on (most are going to different schools) BUT last week a mother said she was putting her DD in the school's nursery for one term before she moved up to school in Jan SO I filled in a form (not expecting much at the late stage) and DS has been offered a place too, tho they will be going at different times.

The nursery does not have a garden, just a play area BUT it will have children his age who will be going in to reception with him in Jan.

I originally sent him to the playgrp cos I wanted him to have fun before the serious business of school started and to get to run around alot and stuff - I've asked him what he wants to do and he says "play" but one minute he wants to stay at PG the next go to nursery.

So, what should I do, obviously I love the PG and am having trouble letting go (natch) but should I throw him in the (relatively) big pool now or let him be the big fish in a small pool for another term.


PS apologies for the length of this one

whatdayisit Thu 10-Jul-08 22:19:11

Even in the school nursery (and also in reception) they will mostly play anyway.

Mine did a year at the school nursery before starting school proper and it made the big event of starting school a non event. It was just like changing classes at school rather than moving to a completely alien environment. The school say they find children who have been to the nursery settle into reception much quicker, as they have similar routines etc. Will the majority of the other children he starts reception with have been to nursery?

IMO it's less about the fact that they know the other children, as children of this age (esp boys) consider everyone their friend, but they are happier if they know the environment, routines and what is expected from them.

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