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Where can I buy school uniform for very little people?

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Scraggyaggy Fri 20-Jun-08 14:39:30

My 3 year old little girl is off to pre-school nursery in September and most of the children in her school wear uniform so I'd like her to do the same.

The trouble is, she's so petite I am having trouble getting her anything to wear! She's currently a Mothercare size 12-18 months so am realistically looking for the next size up.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't be the only person with this problem.

MrsBadger Fri 20-Jun-08 14:44:45

what's the uniform?
sometimes it's easiest to find clothes in her size that aren't actually dedictaed school uniform but are close in style / colour

littlerach Fri 20-Jun-08 14:48:42

Dd2 is titchy and starts school in xeptember.

We have found an age 3 school dress in Adams and Matalan that isn't too big for her.

Anna8888 Fri 20-Jun-08 14:49:16

I bought my daughter (3.7) "uniform" in Jacadi. They have tiny sizes. Navy blue pinafore dress, navy skirt, white Peter Pan collared blouse.

I love the French thing of Start-Rite shoes (the old fashioned English classics collection - esp the ones with a button fastening), ribbed tights in same colour and a little skirt/dress and cardigan on very small girls. And a plait, of course smile

Scraggyaggy Fri 20-Jun-08 15:41:20

MrsBadger, the uniform is red jumper, white shirt, grey skirt or black trousers, which i know sounds simple but there isn't a lot of shopping choice where I live so need to find someone I can do mail order with I think.

littlrach, good suggestion but I've just looked at the Adams size chart and age 2-3 is 98cm height, whereas dd is 86cm tall so am not sure this is going to do the job.

Anna8888, am loving the Jacadi but where do you get it from in the UK?

Thanks everyone

herbietea Fri 20-Jun-08 15:47:05

Message withdrawn

MrsBadger Fri 20-Jun-08 15:48:36

Vertbaudet is good for plain colour baby basics - iirc they had lovely red cotton cardigans

EmHo Tue 29-Jul-08 15:03:01

Mothercare do 2-3 school uniform. My little one, is in a similar position ( was 3 in June and wears 12-18 months trousers) and generally trousers have adjustable waists, so can be shortened and shirts just look like there's room to grow! M&S also had a 3, which wasn't too massive

tigermeow Wed 30-Jul-08 20:38:20

DD is 3 and also small (18-24m clothes). She has a set uniform, bought only in John Lewis hmm. Not one item of the uniform fitted her as the sizes started from age 3. I bought the stuff then bribed my mother to sort it out! John Lewis do small things like shirts and tights so you could try there. DD is size 6D in shoes so finding the prescirbed navy or black shoes was really near impossible. If your DD has small feet, try Startrite. Clarks school shoes start at size 7.
Good luck to her starting pre-school (and finding a uniform to fit).

mrz Wed 30-Jul-08 20:48:39 TF8&m=A2LBKNDJ2KZUGQ&n=44490031&mcb=core could you get away with a pinafore?

Hulababy Wed 30-Jul-08 20:52:32

Can you buy the smallest size there is and have a seamstress/tailor alter them as much as possible?

gigglewitch Wed 30-Jul-08 20:54:55

we have got titchy school uniform (not-very-generous 2-3yrs) - my DD is also in 18-23mo stuff but ASDA George 2-3 is fine on her. they also do little tights in navy and grey. Sorry if this lot is no use to you on the mail order front, but ASDA is quite widespread <hopes it'd in your patch?>
Also had some from Matalan for DS2 who is also very diddy for his age [4]. and their sizes are small fitting.

Hulababy Wed 30-Jul-08 20:58:51

Mothercare start from age 2-3 in some of the uniform ranges:

Grey pinafore

Polo shirts

Grey skirt

Red sweatshirt

gigglewitch Wed 30-Jul-08 21:26:34

good stuff, hula smile
Also worth taking a look here

BellaDonna79 Tue 02-Sep-08 15:44:03

dd2 had size 4d feet when she started school so she was pretty tiny, GAP had some small white shirts and navy pinafores and tights are easy enough to find in dinky sizes, I'm sure the schooln will be understanding if she needs something a bit different to fit her

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