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good preschools in twickenham area?

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poppy34 Thu 29-May-08 21:49:57

ok really early but due any time now but any suggestions for good preschool/nursery reception in twickenham/hampton/teddington area? Have got a few ideas (eg the mall, twickenham prep etc) but wanted to see other mnet think.

Also how early do you need to put name down? I am just concerned as baby likely to be late in school year (due in matter of weeks) and have heard stoires re being too late on list. Am quite prepared to look at a few if required.

wibbleweed Mon 02-Jun-08 16:10:55

Hi - I live in the area (Teddington) - guess it depends on several factors - whether you're looking at full time/part time day care (e.g. if you're returning to work) from an early age (ie a daycare nursery) or planning on leaving it till they're 2 or 3. And also if you're thinking schoolwise about private or state. The schools you mention are private and I don't know much about the private system I'm afraid.

Have a look at for Richmond and you'll get an idea of all the options. We've done daycare nursery from 8 months (Asquith bushy park) - put name down a few months beforehand, and then nursery class at Collis school (you apply through the school in the autumn for the following academic year when they'll be 3 turning 4. Think the system is similar for all state primary nursery classes - but getting in depends on where you live rather than when you apply.

We've been happy with both.

Hope this helps a bit J xx

poppy34 Mon 02-Jun-08 16:14:20

thanks wibble -am really thinking ahead for when baby is 2/3 and probably private. but all really helpful.

gegs73 Tue 03-Jun-08 18:47:35

Hi - I know two people who are sending their children to Twickenham Prep in September. This school starts from reception year and has no pre-school. They both put their children in stand alone pre-schools the year they were 3. I don't think you need to worry about putting your name down for these yet. I would do it when your child is about 18 months and pick one closest to your home that seems nice. I've not heard of anyone not getting a place if they do it then.

Hope that helps.

parachutes Tue 03-Jun-08 18:51:25

Hi, I have some friends in Teddington and their children go to Newland House. It's challenging (apparently) but they love it and I've heard no ill of it from anyone.
You do need to approach them early I believe-an email to admissions should tell you all you need to know. HTH

slinkiemalinki Wed 04-Jun-08 23:30:56

Windsor Kindergarten here is lovely (in Twickenham despite name) and have cousins with kids at the Mall. Husband also went there many years ago; he went on to St Paul's so gave him a good start!

slinkiemalinki Wed 04-Jun-08 23:31:46

PS in SW London assume you have to register for everything at birth. Get the forms now and be ready to post after arrival. Mad but true. That's London for you.

roquefort Wed 04-Jun-08 23:41:13

With most of the private schools you will need to register at birth - Mall is boys only from reception, Newland and Twickenham Prep mixed from reception, Athelstan House mixed nursery and pre-prep (to year 2), Denmead boys only with nursery, Jack and Jill mixed nursery to year 2 but most boys leave at 4, St Catherines is girls only but with boys at nursery stage.

Lots of private nurseries around - some including daycare, others nursery schools. Nothing to be gained from looking at state schools just yet (unless you are moving and want to consider catchment areas!)

arfishy Thu 05-Jun-08 00:03:09

Hi Poppy. I went to Newland House and it's an excellent school. Had I stayed in the UK dd would have gone there, she was on the list but we moved to Australia before she turned 5.

St Catherines didn't have a good reputation at the time (scary nuns, slutty girls) but things might have changed.

You are right to be looking at this now, there are long waiting lists.

Good luck!

arfishy Thu 05-Jun-08 00:04:20

Oh and Lady Eleanor Holles and Hampton Boys are also both excellent, although moving slightly out of your area.

kb101 Fri 17-Oct-08 21:51:30

Hi poppy34. This is an old thread so I am not sure if you're still checking it. I also fully recommend Windsor Kindergarten in Twickenham.

I have visited the Mall School and King's House School (Richmond) for 2009 recetion entry. Both seem unusual in having places available. The co-ed options (Newland House and Twickenham Prep School) are both full. I would get your kids down ASAP. It's about £50 to register and now I know the system a bit better I would just pay this when they are newborns, and visit later when you have the time etc.

I wonder if anyone knows of any other co-ed options I might have overlooked?

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