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Phew at last I think I've found the right pre-school for my DD

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sillybut Tue 20-May-08 14:08:31

We've tried out 3 now.

First one she burst into tears and screamed for the whole half hour I left her there. It was meant to be a two hour session but they called me to come and get her. All she'd say was "I don't like it and I don't like her she's bossy" (think she meant the staff member who was looking after her)

Second one I didn't like - couldn't put my finger on quite why but children seemed subdued. DD seemed quite happy but was also happy to leave.

Today - huge bright room, well disciplined but loads of activities going on, staff friendly without being overbearing, fantastic range of toys and learning material. I loved it. DD loved it so much that after a 2 hour trail session she burst into tears and threw a tantrum when I tried to take her away.

Registration form is going back tomororw (DP has to sign to but is working away until tomorrow night). Just hoping and praying she'll get a place or its back to square one. Please all cross your fingers for me because if there's no place here I'l be pulling my hair out

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