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missed out on nursery

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mary1968 Mon 05-May-08 00:46:06

My youngest child has failed to get a nursery place at the school where my other kids go. It's my own fault as it's a catholic school and because of family probs I never got kid baptised which is necc for admission. Now baptised so will a reception application be in with a chance even tho not got a nursery place?

triflenorks Mon 05-May-08 18:32:18

Have you asked your priest for help? I thought hat there was always a priest on the board of governors, maybe he can help.

sunnydelight Mon 12-May-08 05:45:41

Getting a nursery place is not normally a guarantee of a reception place so what you need to look at now is the reception admission policy of the school. Does it specify that a child must be baptised before a certain age? If it does, and your child won't meet that criteria then as triflenorks has already said I would talk to your priest. You would hope that as a Catholic school they would take "family problems" into consideration, as well as the fact that your other children go there. The reality is that it will probably depend on how oversubscribed the school is.

ReallyTired Mon 12-May-08 20:25:20

Surely sibblings should get priority. Otherwise its ridiculous having children at two different schools. How in the hell are you expected to manage the school run?

I would have thought that you would have a good grounds for an appeal even if you are non catholics.

mary1968 Fri 16-May-08 13:18:06

Thank you for replies. School has told me they now will add bapt.certificate to application with bapt. after app. closing date and so will most probably be given a place at nursery! Relief!

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