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NEED ADVICE.. Moving to cenral London.. Need Montessori for 3.5 year old son... any ideas Maida Vale area

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NYC6723 Thu 17-Apr-08 19:57:49

I will be there in June and would ideally like a creche or montessori for ds who will be 3 1/2.

NYC6723 Thu 17-Apr-08 19:58:51


rolledhedgehog Sun 20-Apr-08 11:38:40

This school in Kensington has a montessori nursery..

NYC6723 Sun 20-Apr-08 14:59:50

thanks - anyone else have any suggestions to find childcare for ds for June and July for 3.5 year old son?

ramsi Tue 22-Apr-08 15:51:14

Hi, The Windmill Montessori in W9 is supposed to be a good one.

DiSas Fri 30-May-08 15:46:03

I can highly recommend the Windmill Montessori Nursery School. Our 3.5 yr old son currently attends 5 afternoons a week and absolutely loves it. The head mistresses and teachers are excellent as are the facilities. The only difficulty is getting a place as it is consistently over-subscribed, but I believe afternoon places are much easier to come by than the morning. Good luck!

slinkiemalinki Sun 08-Jun-08 20:57:52

Have three good friends with children at Little Sweethearts here is one link. They love it but like DiSas says, London nurseries are terribly oversubscribed. With an older child like yours you may be lucky with relocation etc of other families. Good luck.

momomami Mon 20-Oct-08 15:00:40

little sweethearts is good and have excellent ofsted reports as well

beforesunrise Tue 21-Oct-08 18:54:36

my dd goes to the montessori children's house at the corner of abbey road and west end lane. it's lovely.

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