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new to the UK -- where do I start?

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mumofjames Wed 02-Apr-08 19:09:24

Can anyone help get me started -- what are some good web sites for researching catchments, best preschools, etc. Many thanks!

AtheneNoctua Wed 02-Apr-08 19:22:26

google "BBC League tables"

Where are you from?

mumofjames Wed 02-Apr-08 19:49:52

Thanks! We moved from New York just a bit ago -- loving it here! Will this also have catchment info? I'm having so much trouble finding catchment info...

ScienceTeacher Wed 02-Apr-08 19:55:33

There's a website called Upmystreet that you may find useful.

AtheneNoctua Wed 02-Apr-08 22:18:38

Ah, a fellow American. grin

Svhools are a minefield. Applying is just like soroity rush. Some schools have catchments, some don't. Helps if you can join an affiliated church. If you find a school you like, you can then ask them for their admissions policy. Some will have it on their website.

Where are you?

mumofjames Wed 02-Apr-08 23:02:58

Thanks! We're currently renting in Chelsea, but hope to move to Wandsworth by the summer. Where are you from?

AtheneNoctua Wed 02-Apr-08 23:23:20

I am from Chicago. Live in Sunbury. Work in Chiswick/Brentford.

When are you looking for school entry? Are we talking reception or nursery?

mumofjames Thu 03-Apr-08 07:47:24

Funny, I'm from Chicago too! Grew up there (up north) but ended up in NY after college.

We're looking at reception right now -- he's only 6 months old though. But I've heard that the sooner we get him on the waiting list somewhere, the better. But I've also heard we're a bit behind, even at this early age!!

Celery Thu 03-Apr-08 08:05:21

This is an excellent site for info:

AtheneNoctua Thu 03-Apr-08 08:24:27

If you are looking at state schools, you apply about a year before entry. If you are looking at private, then I think the rules are different and the sooner the better. But, I don't have any experience with private so can't really advise there.

I'm a big believer in the league tables. Not really so much as an indicator of the quality of the head teacher or any of the other staff, but more so they tell you whom your child will go to school with. And I think that is very important.

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