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government funding for pre-schoolers aged 3+

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mckenzie Wed 19-Mar-08 20:22:48

DD is my second child but I can't remember how the system worked first time around. DD turned 3 earlier this month so she will be entitled to government funding after Easter won't she?

Do I need to do anything or do the pre-school do it all themselves? I know I can ask the pre-school themselves but the staff always seem so busy when I arrive and I'm usually rushing for the school run when I pick DD up so I thought I would ask the wise ladies of Mumsnet instead.


LaylaandSethsmum Wed 19-Mar-08 22:31:26

Yes she'll be entitled from beginning of summer term, as shes already at pre school they'll sort it out themselves.

SlightlyMadSimnelCake Wed 19-Mar-08 22:32:47

Your preschool should be applying soon.

I think you need to let them have a copy of birth cert or something.

Ask at your pre-school and they should tell you everything you need to know

mckenzie Thu 20-Mar-08 06:55:13

thanks for the replies. You've jogged my memory SMSC - they asked for a copy of DD's birth certificate the other week. That must have been why.

MorocconOil Thu 20-Mar-08 07:55:54

Is she having 5 sessions? My DD's pre-school said she would have to be having 5 to qualify.

mckenzie Thu 20-Mar-08 08:07:35

DD has two sessions at one pre-school and 3 session at a different Montesorri nursery. I'm taking her there myself this morning (no college now for me because of easter holidays) so I'll ask them this morning.

LIZS Thu 20-Mar-08 08:18:54

hmm mimizan It is up to 5 sessions and can be in more than one setting ie if you use a cm and preschool

Orinoco Thu 20-Mar-08 21:26:43

Message withdrawn

mckenzie Fri 21-Mar-08 16:51:34

thanks orinoco. I forgot to ask on thursday so will put a note on DD's bag ready for tuesday. Do you know if I have to do anything different as DD is at two different pre-schools?

Orinoco Sat 22-Mar-08 20:30:37

Message withdrawn

mckenzie Sat 22-Mar-08 20:49:57

yes, thanks Orinoco. I'll speak to both places this week. Be good to bot have to pay out so much money. One is £11 per session and the other is £14!!

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