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Ofsted confidentiality - they have told my pre school who made the complaint!

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frustratedandannoyed Tue 18-Mar-08 16:12:53

A friend of mine made a complaint about the pre school, they were then inspected last week. The childs initials were given to the playgroup leader by the inspector as to who made the complaint. Thus easily identifying the child.

Surely this is wrong? angry Cant find any info on their site as to confidentiality

TheBlonde Tue 18-Mar-08 16:18:33


It seems to say you are supposed to complain to your provider first and only to Ofsted as a last resort

frustratedandannoyed Tue 18-Mar-08 16:35:59

Thanks for the link

It's going to put people off complaining if confidentiality isnt assured though i should think.

It's certainly going to make the parent feel awkward returning the child to the setting if nothing is upheld

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