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Pre-school/Nursery age French Class

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tigermeow Sun 16-Mar-08 21:08:05

DD (just 3) has been badgering me for ages now about learning French. She will start French at school in Reception class so I am hesitent to let her start now. Today she spotted one of those Usborne 1st 100 French word sticker books which she 'needed'! She didn't get it.
Socially it would be good for her to go to a class but I have no idea who runs these things. Any idea where I could investigate a class in the Wiltshire/Berkshire/Oxfordshire area? I may have to sign her up if she carries on with this persistent "I want to learn French" spiel!

mrsgboring Wed 19-Mar-08 08:44:18

Les Petits Dauphins has recently started in the Abingdon area. I think there's also something in Didcot, but my DS is too young for these things so I'm a bit hazy on the details.

mrsgboring Wed 19-Mar-08 08:46:38

Ask at your local library. They will probably keep a file of local clubs and classes.

Nanoon Sat 12-Apr-08 22:41:17

my DS1 (3.6) does learns french as his nursery and loves it grin.

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