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mumma2cjh Sun 16-Mar-08 10:37:46

Just wondered if anyone would recommend this for my 3 year old? Im in Nottm but nearest is Leicester

Orinoco Sun 16-Mar-08 19:27:07

Message withdrawn

msappropriate Sun 16-Mar-08 19:29:55

lots of my friends kids do it and say their kids like it.

dinny Sun 16-Mar-08 19:30:09

ds (3 and a half) has been going for 6 months and really loves it, great coaches.

jollydo Mon 17-Mar-08 21:44:13

We considered it but nearest one to us was also some distance and it is quite pricey. We found our local leisure centre did a football club for age 2+, so have been doing that instead, MUCH cheaper & great. Might be worth you checking at your leisure centre to save you a drive.

wibbleweed Thu 20-Mar-08 19:59:28

We did Little Kickers when DS1 was between the ages of 3 and 4. He enjoyed it, but tbh I wasn't desparately impressed. Quite expensive (£7.50 per hour but then again I'm in SW London!) and although they were meant to have separate groups for different ages, in reality ours went from 2-5 which didn't work that well really. Also, there's a huge emphasis on stuff like recognising colours. V. important, but once DS1 had worked it out, he found this bit pretty dull. Certainly worth seeing if you can get a trial class first - but also have a look online and see if there's anything else locally.

windygalestoday Thu 20-Mar-08 20:00:36

omg i thought you meant clumpy boots s in kickers footwear.....

Heated Thu 20-Mar-08 20:15:53

Wondering about this too. Kickers is £6.50 in my area which I think is a bit pricey and divided into 2 age groups, the youngest class for up to 2yrs 3months hasn't got going really here, the 2-3 and 4-7yrs available.

I've checked out my local leisure centre and they do football sessions at £2.50 for 5yrs+, but am going to take your suggestion Wibbleweed & phone the others and see what's available for slightly younger ones.

toolly Wed 23-Apr-08 21:55:27

I don't know if the thread is still open, but all football clubs have a football in the community scheme. they provide different coaching schemes. My son (3.5) went to one in Norwich and it was £3 an hour. We have recently moved and the Crystal Palace scheme is £4. Good value and good coaches.

MummyOf3children Fri 04-Mar-16 17:47:39

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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