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Stay at private nursery or go to school ?

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Laino Wed 05-Mar-08 14:47:26

DD will be 3ys & 9 mths in Sept. She currently goes to a private nursery 3 days a week. If preganancy number 2 goes to plan I could take early mat leave and she could attend nursery (in what will be her schol the following year) for 5 afternoons a week. It would mean me ferrying her to school at 1pm and back again at 3.15pm with baby in tow but would save £300 per month. Also it would give her an idea of fulltime school life. But staying in nursery would give me 3 clear days at home with baby - but she would have to stay in the class she's already been in for a year. Would she be bored - would she prefer school? She's bright, articulate, keen to learn, though I'm not in the least bit pushy. Want her to be in the right place for her - just I'm lucky enough to have a choice. Argh

KatyMac Wed 05-Mar-08 14:49:35

Four afternoons & a full day?

Or another mixture? - best of both

Laino Wed 05-Mar-08 14:53:49

Blimey that was quick! School only offer 5 x half days. I figured mornings would be too much of a scramble....

BibiThree Wed 05-Mar-08 14:56:37

DD went to "school" (nursery class at local primary) when she was 3 from 3 days a week at a private nursery. the nbrusery was for children up to 5 but at the end she was the oldest one there and it wasn't stimulating her as much any more. She has thrived in school, loves it completely and has really come out of herself.

I was nervous about sending her, but she's coped amazingly well and is very stimulated now.

that's my experience, hope you get lots more to help you make your mind up.

KatyMac Wed 05-Mar-08 14:57:28

SO what happens if you take 5 days but only attend 4?

Or get a childminder to take her from nursery to school one day a week at lunchtime

Or have a childminder to have her one or two morings & drop her at school - see what fits for you

Laino Wed 05-Mar-08 15:02:26

Katy - don't want to have too many forms of childcare for her. She had a local childminder that 'sacked' us so she went to the nursery which actually turned out for the best. She's settled there now (been 18months)but every move to next (older) room has been traumatic. I could drop her off and collect every day for a year - she would have to have after school care from Sept 2009 3 days a week. Hoping she would be used to the whole school thing by then. Also don't want her to feel that her move is because of the baby

KatyMac Wed 05-Mar-08 15:08:47

So it's either or

Difficult then - do you need to make the decision now?

Why not wait until closer to the time?

Laino Wed 05-Mar-08 15:45:19

Well she defo has a place at school nursery and private nusery need 2 months notice so have till June......and I suppose it could all go wrong by then!!!!

clarinsgirl Wed 05-Mar-08 15:47:56

Wouldn't you be able to use your free education entitlement with the private nursery (i.e. they reduce your bill by however many free hours you're entitled to). That way she stays where she is, has one childcare provider and you have less hassle and save money?

LIZS Wed 05-Mar-08 15:52:08

They should all follow the same curriculum anyway. Ask the nursery what they would do for the next year. tbh I think you'd find 3 full days easier than 5 1/2's logistically and it would still give you time to do stuff with her while the baby is little.

Laino Wed 05-Mar-08 16:08:17

The £300 bill is after the entitlement! We've had it since Jan. But it's not really about the money more about finding the right place for her. I'm trying not to colour my opinion by thinkin what would be best for me i.e. I could have 3 whole days with her in nursery with baby. But saying that I could be off for longer if we weren't paying for private nursery. Argghhhh

sunnydelight Tue 25-Mar-08 04:25:52

My DD went to the nursery class at our local primary last year for five mornings a week. She was at a fantastic nursery and could have stayed there, but in the end I was swayed by (a) having no childcare fees at all, and (b) putting her with some of the kids she would go to school with for a year to make the transition easier.

In comparison with the private nursery the facilities/space/activities offered weren't quite as good, but because it was only a short time rather than a full day it seemed fine and I have to say I was very happy with my choice. It gave her something to do every day and she did make some very good friends. BUT - 2 1/2 hours a day really only works if you live very near - it took me 15 minutes to get there and back. Other people drove and felt like it gave them no free time at all.

Nanoon Sat 12-Apr-08 22:38:49

i am on mat leave with DS2 (19 wks). we have kept DS1 at nursery as it would have een a logistical nightmare with half days in pre-school when i returned to work. he is very happy there and i am so pleased that that is what we decided as it means i get three lovely one on one days with my second which feels close to the 5 one on one days i had when DS1 was tiny smile.

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